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Aurora Land又名為黎明之地,作為主要品牌概念,期許自我在黑暗之中也能重獲晴朗,並希望這裡能夠讓你/妳的憂愁稍微被理解與釋懷,獲得些許光芒與力量。
Born in  Taiwan, grew up in Tainan, Sabrina adores exploring cultural differences through every aspect of life. She love travel, fashion, art and photography, and launched ”Amous” to share what she experiences and thinks through delicately woven words. With her words, she hopes to express the “never shallow” facades of lifestyle.
It’s such an honor for you to visit Amous. Hopefully, the articles here do trigger and inspire you at some extent. Enjoy!


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2019 – 流浪在35釐米的世界 | National Chengchi University , Taiwan
2020 – 旅行成癮,剛剛好而已。| Taipei , Taiwan


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Group Exhibiton
2018 – ONCE | Taiwan